Aug 08, 2020



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  2. D. Docampo, D.R. Hush, C. T. Abdallah, Constructive Function and Approximation: Theory and Practice


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  2. C. T. Abdallah, G.L. Heileman, D. Hush, M. Georgiopoulos, An Overview of Neural Networks Results for Systems and Control.
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  3. F. Perez, C.T. Abdallah, Phase-Convex Arcs in Root Space and Their Application to Robust SPR Problem.


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  2. F. Perez, D. Docampo, C. T. Abdallah, P. Dorato, Output Stabilizability.


  1. C. T. Abdallah, F. Perez, D. Docampo, From Nyquist to Kharitonov: Robust Controllers


  1. D. Hush, C. T. Abdallah, B. Horne, The Recursive Neural Network.

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