Foundations of Computing

Computational aspects of engineering problems. Topics include machine models and computability, classification, and performance analysis of algorithms, advanced data structures, approximation algorithms, introduction to complexity theory and complexity classes.


ECE 540
Advanced Networking Topics

Research, design, and implementation of high-performance computer networks and distributed systems. High speed networking technologies, multimedia networks, enterprise network security and management, client/server database applications, mobile communications and state-of-the-art internetworking solutions.


Information Theory and Coding

An introduction to information theory. Fundamental concepts such as entropy, mutual information, and the asymptotic equipartition property are introduced. Additional topics include data compression, communication over noisy channels, algorithmic information theory, and applications


ECE 595 ST
Information Forensics and Security
This course provides an introduction to the main techniques and applications in media security and forensics. Main topics include:  Fundamentals of digital cryptography and watermarking, and their use in signal processing and networking applications, Conditional access systems, Watermarking and steganography, Fingerprinting and robust hashing techniques. Recent advances in “dirty paper coding” (DPC) with application not only to watermarking and robust hashing but also to digital communications, active and passive information forensic techniques.