Energy Storage and Dissipation (PEP 6)
These are the Energy Storage and Dissipation Notes 1-12 (PEP 6), assembled by Dr. Carl E. Baum.

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ESDN 1, Not Currently Available

ESDN 2, R. L. Davis, Design Formula for Non-Reactive High-Voltage Pulse Resistors, Sep 65, Sandia Corp.

ESDN 3, C. R. Lennox, Experimental Results of Testing Resistors Under Pulse Conditions, Nov 67, Sandia Corp.

ESDN 4, J. C. Martin, Measurement of the Conductivity of Copper Sulfate Solutions, 22 Jul 66, Atomic Weapons Research Establishment

ESDN 5, R. D. Kelly, Preparation of Resistors Using a Low-Temperature- Coefficient-of-Resistance Electrolyte, Jan 64, Sandia Corp.

ESDN 6, G. P. Boicoirt, Problems in the Design and Manufacture of Energy Storage Capacitors, Jun 68, Los Alamos Scientific Labs

ESDN 7, T. J. Gooding and B. R. Hayworth, Development of High Voltage Mylar Capacitors, Mar 67, Maxwell Laboratories

ESDN 8, P. Hoffman and J. Ferrante, Energy Storage Capacitors of High Energy Density, Apr 71, Maxwell Laboratories

ESDN 9, I. G. Halliday, Design of a Disk-Type Maylar Capacitors, Aug 70, Ion Physics Corp.

ESDN 10, D. V. Giri and C. E. Baum, High-Frequency Capacitors, 15 Mar 90, Pro-Tech, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

EDSN 11, A.W. Kalin, B.R. BraDdli and D.V. Giri, Development and Characterization of High Frequency Capacitors, July 4, 94, Defence Technology and Procurement Agency, Pro-Tech.

ESDN 12, C.E. Baum, High-Dielectric-Constant Materials as High-Frequency Capacitors, 17 Nov. 2003, AFRL

"Mushroom" Rocks, Bisti Wilderness Area
"Mushroom" Rocks, Bisti Wilderness Area, New Mexico. Photo by Efraín M. Padró

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