Flyer Plate Notes (PEP-2)
These are the Flyer Plate Notes (PEP-2), Notes 1-18, assembled by Dr. Carl E. Baum.

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FPN 1, T. F. Meagher, A High-Energy Shock Facility Using Electromagnetic Energy, Aug 64, Sandia Corp.

FPN 2, R. C. O’Rourke et aI, Progress Report: Impulsive Load Tests on Cylindrical Assemblies, Phase 1,24 Sep 65, EG&G

FPN 3, R. Brundage and 1. Farber, Progress Report: Impulsive Loading by Magnetic Fields, Phase 2, 15 Mar 66, EG&G

FPN 4, 1. Z. Farber, Diffusion of Damped Sine-Wave Magnetic Fields into Metals, 6 May 66, EG&G

FPN 5, J. Z. Farber, Predicted Capabilities of the EG&G Simulation Laboratory 100 Kilojoule Capacitor Bank, 20 Jan 67, EG&G


FPN 7, D. B. Nelson, The Influence of Capacitor Bank Parameters on Magnetically Driven Flyer Plates, Dec 67, Sandia Corp.

FPN 8, T. F. Meagher, Magnetically Driven Flyers -- Theory and Application (U), 15 Mar 68, Kaman Nuclear



FPN 11, L. D. Webster, Preliminary Analysis of Heating Effects and Velocity Response of Magnetically Driven Plates, 15 May 69, Kaman Nuclear, This is the third section in Three Analytical Studies Pertinent to Structural Testing, Kaman Nuclear

FPN 12, D. B. Nelson, Resistance Effects on the Performance of Magnetically- Driven Flyer Plates, May 69, Sandia Corp.

FPN 13, R. W. Reynolds and R. S. Jacobson, Numerical Predictions of the Motion of Magnetically Accelerated Flyer Plates, Jul 69, Sandia Corp.

FPN 14, A. D. Larrabee, T. F. Meagher, and L. D. Webster, Theoretical Analysis of Two-Dimensional Magnetic Flyer Plates, 18 Nov 69, Kaman Nuclear


FPN 16, W. K. Tucker, Two Digital Computer Programs for Flyer Plate Capacitor Bank Analysis, Apr 70, Sandia Corp.

FPN 17, T. F. Meagher and D. C. Williams, The Theory and Capabilities of Magnetically Driven Flyers, Jun 70, Kaman Nuclear

FPN 18, P. G. Carpenter and R. Bealing, Exploding Foils and their Application to Magnetically Driven Flyer Plates, Jun 71, Atomic Weapons Research Establishment

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