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  1. UNM Campus Map
  2. ECE Parking Map
  3. UNM Parking Map

Interesting Academic Links

  1. Universities
    1. World Universities from UNESCO.
    2. World Universities.
    3. World Universities by Braintrack.
    4. World universities from Webometrics.
    5. US Universities by State.
    6. The Center for Measuring University Performance.
  2. Rankings
    1. US News 2010 EE Program Rankings
    2. The Webometrics Rankings
    3. Academic Ranking of World Universities, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
    4. Rankings at Wikipedia
  3. For Academic Department Chairs
    1. Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Heads Association.
    2. ABET website
    3. Department Chair Online Resource Center from the American Council on Education.
  4. For Faculty Members
    1. Tips for Tenure from One University: Please do not generalize!
    2. Hartzig Publish or Perish to help you look up your citation indices (h-factor and others).
    3. Tomorrow's Professor. A site for future faculty members.
  5. For People on the Edge
    1. The Edge.Org, a site to find out about almost everything.
  6. Mathematical Genealogy
    1. My Mathematical Genealogy.

Online Books

  1. Mathematics
    1. Professor Chen's Mathematics Notes
    2. Mathematics Textbooks
    3. Cached Version of Old Mathematics Textbooks.
    4. Online Biography on Benford's Law
  2. Control Theory
    1. Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers an online textbook by Karl J. Åström and Richard M. Murray.
    2. Report of Panel on Future Directions in Control, Dynamics, and Systems
  3. General Books
    1. Project Gutenburg.

Online Publications & Papers

  1. arXiv.
  2. Front for the arXiv.
  3. UNM DSpace.

Control Theory Links

  1. Control Theory and Engineering Links from Theorem.Net
  2. Control Theory Virtual Library
  3. The IEEE Control Systems Society
  4. Systems and Controls in arxiv

On Writing & Presenting

  1. Professor Dennis Bernstein's Student Guide.
  2. You & Your Research by Richard Hamming.
  3. More Advice by Richard Hamming.
  4. The 12 Minute Talk.
  5. The Art of Oral Scientific Presentation.


  1. Tourism
    1. The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism site
  2. Political Profile
    1. Lebanon Profile from the BBC
  3. History
    1. History of Lebanon
    2. Phoenicia
  4. Education
    1. Lebanese Academy of Sciences
    2. List of Lebanese Universities
  5. General Information
    2. Profile of Lebanon from the Lebanon Embassy in the US.
  6. People
    1. Lebanese Abroad

News Sources

  1. The New York Times
  2. The BBC
  3. Annahar Newspaper (in Arabic), the most trusted Lebanese newspaper.
  4. The Daily Star.
  5. News Sources About Lebanon

Reports & Information Sources

  1. The Pew Center
  2. The Rand Corporation
  3. The Edge
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