May 08, 2021




Professor Abdallah divides his teaching between control systems and introductory Electrical and Computer engineering courses such as:

UNM CourseCourse TitleSemester
ECE 101Introduction to Electrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2009
ECE 445Introduction to Control Systems 
ECE 500Theory of Linear Systems(Fall 2009-Online section). The syllabus is here
ECE 514Nonlinear & Adaptive ControlThe syllabus for Spring 2010 (online section) is here
ECE 546Fall 2010 Multivariable Control TheoryThe syllabus is here
ECE 590ECE Graduate seminar(Spring- In class Section )- The Spring 2010 schedule is here
ECE 595Reconfigurable Systems
ECE 594Complex Systems Theory 
ECE 649Special Topics in Control Systems 

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