Program Officers:
      Arje Nachman
      Jason Marshall

Principal Investigator:
      Edl Schamiloglu

Consortium Members:
University of New Mexico:
      Edl Schamiloglu
      Richard Temkin
Ohio State University:
      John Volakis
University of California
      Alex Figotin
Louisiana State University:
      Robert Lipton

Satellite Efforts:

University of Huddersfield,
UK/Lund University,
     Rebecca Seviour
University of Strathclyde,
     Adrian Cross

Professor Schamiloglu's consortium includes MIT, Ohio State University, UC Irvine, and Louisiana State University and each partner's kick-off presentation is hyperlinked. This basic research program seeks to exploit dispersion engineering using metamaterials to design novel sources of coherent electromagnetic radiation, amplifiers in particular.

Who We Are:

Consortium Members

• The University of New Mexico
• Ohio State University
• University of California – Irvine
• Louisiana State University

Satellite Efforts

• University of Strathclyde
• University of Huddersfield



• The FY12 AFOSR Transformational Electromagnetics MURI had its fourth annual review at AFOSR on December 1, 2016.

• COSMIAC hosts University of New Mexico MURI Researchers (and other Researchers) in Mini-Symposium with AFRL Directed Energy Directorate. List of presenters can be found here. Photographs from the meeting can be found here:  Pic 1     Pic 2

• The inaugural MURI graduate student teleseminar took place March 1, 2013 11 AM EST. Subsequent student teleseminars will take place on the first Friday of each month at 11 AM Eastern time. You can find copies of the presentation slides in the members only section of this website.

            For additional information contact: Edl Schamiloglu
            Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
            MSC01 1100 • University of New Mexico • Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

            Tel.: 505-277-4423 • email: