Jim Plusquellic

Associate Professor, Department of CSEE, UMBC

CMPE 646: VLSI Design Verification and Test

* Course Syllabus (PDF)

* Introduction (PDF)
* Overview (PDF)
* Economics (PDF)
* Defects (PDF)
* Faults I (PDF)
* Faults II (PDF)
* Delay Faults I (PDF)
* Delay Faults II (PDF)
* Combinational ATPG I (PDF)
* Combinational ATPG II (PDF)
* Testability Measures (PDF)
* Simulation (PDF)
* Fault Simulation (PDF)
* DFT Scan (PDF)


* (8/28/07): Class will be held in IT/E 210.
* (10/8/07): Class is cancelled Oct. 22 and Oct. 24.
* (10/29/07): Midterm exam is scheduled for Oct. 31.
* Sample midterm exam
* Sample final exam


* Assignment #1, Due Sept. 26th (PDF)
* Read and write a brief summary (< 3 paragraphs) on one algorithm discussed in each of the areas on test, physical design, logic synthesis and formal verification. (Assignment #2, Due Oct. 4th)
* Read documentation on Encounter Test (ET).
* cdsdoc initialization file
* Cadence cshrc.cadence file -- type 'source cshrc.cadence' on cadence.gl.umbc.edu
* ET start-up file.
* ET start-up file.
* Please download the cshrc.cadence file above (formerly cshrc.stdcadence) and source it if you are logged onto cadence.gl.umbc.edu or cadence2.gl.umbc.edu to read the documentation (cdsdoc). It appears that 'et' will not run on either of these machines and you will need to run et from the machines in ite375. I'll request access for you guys for that room. You'll do the same thing, e.g., source the cshrc.cadence file when you log on to a machine in ite375 but you'll first have to copy it to cshrc_nc.cadence, delete the 'if stmt' at the top of the file -> if ( "$HOSTNAME" =~ cadence* || "$HOSTNAME" =~ don.cs.umbc.edu) then) and the last 'endif' at the bottom of the file. Once you source cshrc_nc.cadence, you should be able to run et.
* Please look through the documentation for CADENCE ET. Tutorial files including a design and library are located at /afs/umbc.edu/software/cadence/software_2005/ET31/linux/tools.lnx86/tb/tutorials/dlx


* The site "http://www.fm.vslib.cz/~kes/asic/iscas/" gives the benchmark circuits that I discussed in class. The ISCAS'85 circuits are given at the top of the first table. In particular, I want you to run the c432 through the et tools, i.e., generate stuck patterns and reports. This is the first part of the project due 11/28/04.

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