Physics Notes (Misc-1)
These are the Physics Notes (Misc-1), Notes 1-23, assembled by Dr. Carl E. Baum.

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PhN 1, J. Nitsch, A Note on the Casimir Effect in a Uniformly Accelerated Reference Frame, Sep 89, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

PhN 2, H. N. Kritikos and C. E. Baum, Symmetry in Electromagnetics, Dec 90, Phillips Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania

PhN 3, C. E. Baum, Vector and Scalar Potentials Away from Sources, and Gauge Invariance in Quantum Electrodynamics, 10 Oct 91, Phillips Laboratory

PhN 4, C. E. Baum, Concerning an Analogy Between Quantum and Classical Electrodynamics, 20 Mar 92, Phillips Laboratory

PhN 5, I. L. Gallon, The Equation of Motion for a Classical Charged Particle, Jan 93, Interference Technology International Limited

PhN 6, N. J. Carron, On the Fields of a Torus and the Observability of the Vector Potential, 18 Dec 93, Mission Research Corporation

PhN 7, Charles T. C. Mo, Interaction Type and Reciprocal Probability Model for Spin-Half Measurements, June 1995

PhN 8, Ian Gallon, Consequences of an Electron in Motion: Impulsive and Oscillatory Motions, Pt 1, January 1998

PhN 9, Ian Gallon, Consequences of an Electron in Motion: A Theory of an Electron Pt 2, January 1998

PhN 10, Frank Gronwald and Jurgen Nitsch, The Physical Origin of Gauge Invariance in Electrodynamics and some of its consequences, September 1998

PhN 11, Carl E. Baum, Application of Concepts of Advanced Mathematics and Physics to the Maxwell Equations, November 1999

PhN 12, C. E. Baum, The Complementary Roles of Analysis, Synthesis, Numerics, and Experiment in Electromagnetics, June 2001

PhN 13, Carl E. Baum, The Combined Field in Quarternion Form, October 2003

PhN 14, Frank Gronwald Friedrich W. Hehl and Jurgen Nitsch, Axiomatics of classical electrodynamics and its relation to gauge field theory, June 2005

PhN 15, Ian L. Gallon, An Investigation into the Motion of a Classical Charged Particle, October 2005

PhN 16, Ian L. Gallon, A Note on the Stationary State Model of the Hydrogen Atom, December 2005

PhN 17, Ian L. Gallon, The Non-Relativistic Stationary State Equation of Motion and a Modified Schrodinger Equation, February 2006

PhN 18, Carl E. Baum, Path Integrals in Electromagnetics, February 2007

PhN 19, Carl E. Baum, Lagrangian Formulation of the Combined-Field Form of the Maxwell Equations, 11 March 2009

PhN 20, Carl E. Baum,Electromagnetic Stress and Momentum in the Combined-Field Formalism, 11 March 2009

PhN 21 Extending Classical Physics into the Quantum Domain, June 2013, I.L. Gallon, Bridport, Dorset, UK

PhN22 The Electron and the Ilectron, I.L. Gallon, DV Giri and CE Baum (Posthumously), December 2016.

PhN 23 Additional Properties of the Ilectron, D.V. Giri and I.L. Gallon, 6 April 2020

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