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Carl Baum
The SUMMA Foundation was founded in 1973 and registered with the IRS as a philanthropic organization to promote scientific and educational activities in the field of electromagnetics. Initial funds to the Foundation were contributed by Dr. Carl E. Baum who has, from time to time, also donated the monetary parts of his scientific awards to the Foundation plus additional funds. Contributions have also been made to the Foundation by donors interested inpromoting various scientific activities in the field of electromagnetics. Some of the Foundation activities have had surpluses deposited back with the Foundation.

Global is Coming: Save the Date!

The next GlobalEM Symposium will be held in Austin, Texas, USA on July 14-19, 2024. This conference will be held in Downtown, Austin, Texas at the AT&T Conference Center. Details concerning the registration process will be provided once the website is up and operating.

Please click these words for more information or download the pdf by clicking these words.

Announcing One New Theoretical Note!

Please join us in welcoming a newly-approved Theoretical Note, "Gauge Theory in Classical Electrodynamics" by D.V. Giri, F.M. Tesche, and M.A. Morgan!

TN 370, D.V. Giri, F.M. Tesche, and M.A. Morgan, Gauge Theory in Classical Electrodynamics, 18 June 2023

2022 CE Baum Memorial Medal Winners Announced!

Six winners of the Carl. E Baum Memorial Medal were announced at the GLOBALEM 2022 Awards Ceremony held at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi Hotel on Wed., NOv. 16, 2022. The certificate citations that accompanied the bold, brass medals read as follows:

  • George H. Baker: For contributions to EMP generation and hardening technology, for the development of standards and specifications, for the management of R&D programs and for his work with the U.S. National Security Council relating to the Executive Order on EMP
  • Dr. Paul R. Barnes: For contributions to EMP analysis and the development of the test and protection methods for commercial power systems
  • William R. Graham: For contributions to the development of hardening engineering, test and evaluation and for chairing the U.S. Congressional EMP Commission
  • Dr. Richard Hoad: For contributions to the understanding of EMP and HPEM effects and for the development of detection and protection concepts
  • Michel Ianoz: For contributions to EMP and lightning coupling techniques
  • Manuel W. Wik: For contributions to the standardization of EMP environments and hardening procedures for non-military installations, for work with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and for management of the Swedish EMP program

The SUMMA Foundation Congratulates Bill Radasky and Dave Giri!

Dr. William A. Radasky was elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2021!

And Dr. David Venkata Giri is honored by the IEEE EMC Society as a recipient of the 2022 IEEE EMC Hall of Fame Award (click below to view awards)!

Click here to view Bill Radasky's Award! Click here to view Dave Giri's Award!

Giri Appointed DL of IEEE EMC Society 2020-2021

The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society announced the appointment of Dr. DV Giri as a Distinguished Lecturer (DL) of IEEE EMC Society for two years of 2020 and 2021. The 50-year-old Society has members and chapters in nearly every country throughout the world. The SUMMA Foundation heartily congratulates "Dave" on this noteworthy accomplishment!

2019 CE Baum Memorial Medal Winners Announced!

Four winners of the Carl. E Baum Memorial Medal were announced at the ASIAEM 2019 Awards Ceremony held at The Wyndham Grand Hotel in Xi'an, China. The certificate citations that accompanied the bold, brass medals read as follows:

  • Dr. Jean P. Parmantier: For pioneering application of electromagnetic topology with the CRIPTE code for the calculation of electromagnetic response of complex systems
  • Dr. Dominique J. Serafin: For playing a leading role in developing theoretical and
    experimental programs in France and for contributions to interaction analysis and system testing
  • Dr. Sergey Tkachenko: For theoretical investigations of high-frequency electromagnetic field coupling to transmission lines in different environments
  • Prof. Yan-zhao Xie: For contributions to EMP interaction, modeling and measurement              

Best Paper Awards:

The awards process was chaired by Dr. Nicolas Mora with the support of a panel of judges. This award has been presented every 2 years (in odd years at the ASIAEM Conferences) based upon a review of nominated and self-nominated papers. Certificates from the conference organizers
were presented to the winners:

Title: EM Failures Analysis of Analogue and Digital Sensors from a Safety and Security Perspective
Authors: Chaouki Kasmi, Fahad Al Yafei
Affiliation: Directed Energy Research Center, UAE

Title: The Self-breakdown Characteristics of the Output Switch for EMP Simulator
Authors: Fan Guo, Yanzhao Xie, Wei Jia, Zhiqiang Chen, Shi He; Wei Wu, Xiaoping He, Linshen Xie
Affiliation: Xi'an Jiaotong University; Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, China

Title: Medium-Voltage Transformers under EMP-Conditions
Authors: Armin W. Kaelin, Markus Nyffeler; Carlos Romero
Affiliation: EMProtec AG; Armasuisse Science and Technology, Switzerland

Winners of the 2018 Carl E. Baum Memorial Medal Announced!

Two winners of the Carl. E Baum Memorial Medal were announced at the AMEREM 2018 Awards Ceremony held at the University of California Santa Barbara . The certificate citations that accompanied the bold, brass medals read as follows:

Mats Bäckström (SAAB Group, Retired)
“For contributions to the development of HPEM test techniques and facilities”

William Prather (AFRL)
“For contributions to EMP and HPM testing and hardening”


Best Paper Awards:

The SUMMA Foundation handed out the following four Best Paper Awards at AMEREM 2018, held at The University of California Santa Barbara Aug 27-31, 2018

  • Best HPEM Theoretical Paper — J.-P. Parmantier, I. Junqua, S. Bertuol and P. Schickele - ONERA, France

  • Best HPEM Applied Paper — M. Nyffeler and M. Kaelin - Switzerland

  • Best HPEM Student Paper — Y. Zhou, Y.-Z. Xie, S.-F. Wang (Xi'an Jiatong University, China)

  • Best HPEM Student Paper — M. Zhou, E. Ott, T.M. Antonsen, Jr., and S.M. Anlage (University of Maryland, USA)

IEEE EMC Mag Celebrates Baum/Giri Memoir
Click here to view an excerpt from Vol. 5, Quarter 4, of the 2016 IEEE Electromagetic Compatibility Magazine which has just come to our attention!

Please click this sentence to read an electronic pdf version of Dave Giri's book, "My Journey With Carl."



Please click this sentence to view all the photos from ASIAEM 2017!

Click this sentence to view the ASIAEM 2017 Program Book

Click this sentence to view the abstracts from ASIAEM 2017

The ASIAEM2017 symposium was held in Bengaluru, India. Please click here to download the brochure!

New ASIAEM Memos Published:

AMEREM/EUROEM/ASIAEM Memos, Memo 11, Technical Program for ASIAEM 2017; Prepared by D.V. Giri, D.C. Pande and William Radasky, 15 August 2017

AMEREM/EUROEM/ASIAEM Memos, Memo 12, Carl E Baum Medal; D.V. Giri and Z. Sholapurwala, 15 August 2017

Winners of the 2017 Carl E. Baum Memorial Medal Announced!

The four winners of the newly-minted Carl. E Baum Memorial Medal were announced at the banquet of ASIAEM2017 in Bangaluru, India. The certificate citations that accompanied the bold, brass medals read as follows:

D. Venkata Giri
“For major contributions to EMP and HPM, and for ensuring the legacy of Carl E. Baum”

Kelvin S.H. Lee
“For seminal contributions to EMP”

Frederick M. Tesche
“For contributions to electromagnetic topology and EMC”

William A. Radasky
“For contributions to understanding EMP generation and computation”


A letter from the New Editor. Please click to read.

EUROEM 2016 took place July 11-14 at the Imperial College London, UK.

Please click this sentence to view the conference website.

Download all the abstracts by clicking here! (Caution, this is a 37 megabyte download)

Click this sentence to view the EUROEM2016 Technical Program.

AMEREM 2014 was held from July 27 to Aug. 1, 2014 at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

The Final Program Book is available here!

Download all the Abstracts by clicking here!
(Caution: This is a 40 megabyte download) 

The YouTube video above is a collection of over 200 photographs that were taken during AMEREM 2014, set to the music of Dr. Carl E. Baum. If you would like to download an AVI video of the same thing, please click here but note: this is a 150 megabyte file. The resolution is considerably higher than the YouTube video, however. Also, your computer may need a plug-in to play this video properly.

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