Lightning Phenomenology Notes (EMP-6)
These are the Lightning Phenomenology Notes (EMP-6) , Notes 1-24, assembled by Dr. Carl E. Baum.

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LPN 1, H. J. Price and A. K. Agrawal, The Response of a Transmission Line Illuminated by Lightning-Induced Electromagnetic Fields, Jun 79, Mission Research Corp.

LPN 2, C. E. Baum, Properties of Lightning-Leader Pulses, 22 Dec 81, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

LPN 3, C. E. Baum, E. L. Breen, J. P. O'Neill, C. B. Moore, and D. L. Hall, Measurements of Electromagnetic Properties of Lightning with 10 Nanosecond Resolution (Revised), 5 Feb 82, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

LPN 4, C. L. Longmire, R. L. Gardner, J. L. Gilbert, and M. H. Frese, A Physical Model of Nuclear Lightning, 5 Mar 82, Mission Research Corp.

LPN 5, C. E. Baum and R. L. Gardner, An Introduction to Leader Tip Modeling, 30 Jul 82, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and Mission Research Corp.

LPN 6, R. L. Gardner, Effects of Channel Model Characteristics on the Propagation of Lightning Radiated Electromagnetic Fields, 12 May 82, Mission Research Corp.

LPN 7, R. L. Gardner, Propagation Path Distortion of Lightning Produced Transient Waveforms, Dec 82, Mission Research Corp.

LPN 8, F. C. Yang and K. S. H. Lee, Natural Frequencies of a Post Attached to a Lightning Return Stroke, Apr 83, Dikewood Corp., AD A134231

LPN 9, L. Baker, R. L. Gardner, M. H. Frese, and A. L. Paxton, Calculation of Lightning Channel Characteristics: Comparison of Existing Models, 20 Apr 83, Mission Research Corp.

LPN 10, L. Baker and R. L. Gardner, The Effect of Propagation on Electromagnetic Fields Radiated by Lightning, 9 Mar 83, Mission Research Corp., AD P002218

LPN 11, C. E. Baum, J. P. O'Neill, E. L. Breen, D. L. Hall, and C. B. Moore, Location of Lightning Electromagnetic Sources by Time of Arrival Compared to Inference from Electromagnetic Fields, Thunder Acoustics, and Videotape Photographs, Oct 83, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

LPN 12, R. L. Gardner, L. Baker, J. L. Gilbert, C. E. Baum, and D. J. Andersh, Comparison of Published HEMP and Natural Lightning on the Surface of an Aircraft, 17 Aug 84, Mission Research Corp. and Air Force Weapons Laboratory

LPN 13, C. E. Baum and L. Baker, Return-Stroke Transmission-Line Model, 30 Oct 84, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and Mission Research Corp.

LPN 14, J. R. Wait, Review of Propagation Effects for Electromagnetic Pulse Transmission, Jan 85, University of Arizona

LPN 15, G. W. Wood and T. F. Trost, Electromagnetic Resonances of Cylinders and Aircraft Model with Resistive Wires, Apr 84, Texas Tech University

LPN 16, A. H. Paxton, R. L. Gardner, and L. Baker, Lightning Return Stroke-A Numerical Simulation Including a Multigroup Radiative Transport Algorithm, Jul 85, Mission Research Corp.

LPN 17, C. E. Baum, Motion of Ion Clouds in Air, 28 Mar 86, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

LPN 18, L. Baker and R. L. Gardner, Lightning Return-Stroke Transmission Line Model, 1 Sep 83, Mission Research Corp.

LPN 19, C. E. Baum, Return-Stroke Initiation, 22 Oct 86, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

LPN 20, Carl E. Baum, Leader-Pulse Step-Formation Process, September 1999

LPN 21, Carl E. Baum, A Simple Model of Repeating Lightning-Leader Pulses, 13 July 2002, Air Force Research Laborator

LPN 22, Carl E. Baum, Measurement of Closure Position Between Downward and Upward Leaders: Return-Stroke Initiation Position, 31 July 2007, University of New Mexico

LPN 23, Kenneth C. Chen, Larry K Warne and Kelvin S.H. Lee, Lightning Responses on a Finite Cylindrical Enclosure, Jan 2014

LPN 24, K. C. Chen, Y. T. Lin, L. K. Warne, Linear Diffusion into a Faraday Cage, Jan 2014

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