System Design & Assessment (EMP-5)
These are the System Design & Assessment Notes, EMP-5, Notes, 1-47, assembled by Dr. Carl E. Baum.

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SDAN 1, Richard R. Schaefer, Nuclear Criteria & System Design, Specification, Dec 70, The RAND Corporation

SDAN 2, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 1)

SDAN 3, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 2)

SDAN 4, Not Available

SDAN 5, Not Available

SDAN 6, Not Available

SDAN 7, Not Available

SDAN 8, Not Available

SDAN 9, R. C. Keyser, Laboratory EMP Susceptibility Testing of Black Boxes: Some Problems and Suggested Solutions, Mar 72, Gulf Radiation Technology

SDAN 10, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 3)

SDAN 11, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 4)

SDAN 12, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 5)

SDAN 13, C. Ashley, An Example of How a Tool of Decision Analysis Might be Applied to Air Force System Vulnerability Assessment, 14 Jun 72, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

SDAN 14, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 6)

SDAN 15, M. A. Skinner and W. D. Wilson, An Organized, Six Step Approach to System EMP Vulnerability Assessment, 29 Jun 73, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

SDAN 16, W. P. Dotson, Jr., An Efficient Algorithm for the Symbolic Solution of Network Reliability, 11 Jan 74, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, AD 774745, AFWL-TR-74-504

SDAN 17, T. A. Tumolillo, Reliability Theory and Applications to Electromagnetic-tic Pulse Testing, Nov 73, Harry Diamond Laboratories, HDL-TR-1626, AD 775789

SDAN 18, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 7)

SDAN 19, W. P. Dotson, Jr., Network Analysis and the Reliability Assessment of Systems, Jun 74, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, AD 781045, AFWL-TR-74-138

SDAN 20, W. R. Graham and J. B. Houston, Transient Upset Toleration as an EMP Hardening Technique, 5 Aug 74, R & D Associates, DNA 3388T

SDAN 21, (Renumbered as Probability and Statistics Note 8)

SDAN 22, J. J. Halpin, B. E. Pritchard, and F. W. Balicki, The Development of Military Equipments: Reliability and Nuclear Survivability Considerations, Feb 76, Harry Diamond Laboratories, HDL-TM-76-7, AD A025084

SDAN 23, C. Ashley and J. V. Locasso, A Brief Presentation and Discussion of the Algorithm used to Determine EC-135 EMP Margin Reliability-Confidence, 27 Sep 77, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and Rockwell Autonetics

SDAN 24, C. Ashley, Reliability-Confidence Algorithms for Assessing Complex Systems, Jun 78, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

SDAN 25, I. Kohlberg, Theory of Performance and Survivability of Large C3I Networks Under Nuclear-Stressed Conditions, Jan 82, GTE Products Corp.

SDAN 26, P. Ryl, A Qualitative Discussion of the Effect of Investment in Various Kinds of Technology on System C (R), Feb 84, R & D Associates

SDAN 27, National Research Council, Evaluation of Methodologies for Estimating Vulnerability to Electromagnetic Pulse Effects, 84, National Research Council, AD A144408

SDAN 28, M. W. Wik, Hardening of Telecommunication Networks Against Electromagnetic Pulses, 1984, Defense Materiel Administration, Stockholm, Sweden

SDAN 29, J. Gut, The Swiss EMP Concept of General Defense, Dec 84, Research Institute for Protective Construction, Zurich, Switzerland

SDAN 30, D. Hansen, Protection of Equipment and Electronic Systems Against Electromagnetic Interference, Especially NEMP, Feb 87, BBC Brown Boveri Ltd.

SDAN 31, C. N. Vittitoe, Did High Altitude EMP Cause the Hawaiian Streetlight Incident?, Jun 89, Sandia Natl. Labs

SDAN 32, C. E. Baum, From the Electromagnetic Pulse to High Power Electromagnetics, Jul 91, Phillips Laboratory

SDAN 33, E.F. Vance, The Relation of Cost to Evaluation and Monitoring of Electromagnetic Protection. 12 Jan 94.

SDAN 34, R.L. Gardner and C.W. Jones, Systems Lethality: Perspective On High Power Microwaves. Jul 95, Phillips Laboratory, Metatech Corp.

SDAN 35, J. Bohl, High Power Microwave Hazard Facing Smart Ammunitions, Dec 95, DIEHL Company, Germany

SDAN 36, Daniel Nitsch, et al, Comparison of the HPM and UWB Susceptibility of Modern Microprocessor Boards, 7 July 2002, Armed Forces Research Institute for Protective Technologie, Germany

SDAN 37, Michael Camp, Daniel Nitsch, Frank Sabath, Jan-Luiken ter Haseborg, Heyno Garbe, Susceptibility of Some Electronic Equipment to HPEM Threats, Feb. 2004

SDAN 38, Carl E. Baum, A Model for Transient Upset, Nov. 2008

SDAN 39 Survivable Communication Networks with Non-Directed and Directed Graphs, Ira Kohlberg, December 2011

SDAN 40 Random Graph Model for Determining the Survivability of Spatially Inhomogeneous Communication and Sensor Networks, Ira Kohlberg, December 2012

SDAN 41 Study and Classification of Potential IEMI Sources, Nicolas Mora, Felix Vega, Gaspard Lugrin, Farhad Rachidi, July 2014

SDAN 42 High Power Microwave Applications, Dr. Frank Peterkin, Dr. Robert L. Gardner, December 2014

SDAN 43 RF DEW Scenarios and Threat Analysis, Dr. Frank Peterkin, Dr. Robert L. Gardner, November 2014

SDAN 44 Automation of the Immunity testing of COTS computers by the instrumentation of the internal sensors and involving the operating system logs, C. Kasmi, J. Lopes-Esteves, M. Renard, November 2014

SDAN 45 Experimental comparison of mode-stirrer geometries based on the susceptibility testing of COTS Information Systems in regards of the criticality of effects – Technical report – Part I, V. Houchouas, C. Kasmi, J. Lopes-Esteves, D. Coiffard, July 2015

SDAN 46 Temporal Symmetries in Lossless Linear Networks that Efficiently Transport or Transform Electrical Energy, C. Jerald Buchenauer, October 2015

SDAN 47 EMP-Hardened Photovoltaic Generators: A Possible Emergency Power Solution for Critical Infrastructure? Markus Nyffeler and Armin W. Kaelin, November 2016

SDAN 48 Remote and Silent Voice Command Injection on
a Smartphone through Conducted IEMI: Threats of Smart IEMI for Information Security, José Lopes Esteves and Chaouki Kasmi, April 2018

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