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 Book Publications

Through an arrangement with Harvard University Press, and formerly Taylor & Francis, the Foundation promotes the publication of a series of books (about 13 currently) in the "Electromagnetics Library".

Electromagnetic Library Series Editor Carl E. Baum

Taylor & Francis (formerly Hemisphere Publishing Corp.)

  • Baum
    Detection and Identification of Visually Obscured Targets, 1999
  • Baum and Kritikos
    Electromagnetic Symmetry, 1995
  • Baum and Stone
    Transient Lens Synthesis: Differential Geometry in Electromagnetic Theory, 1991
  • Bowman, Senior, and Uslenghi
    Electromagnetic and Acoustic Scattering by Simple Shapes, 1987
  • Gardner
    Lightning Electromagnetics, 1990
  • Holland and St. John
    Statistical Electromagnetics, 1999
  • Hoppe and Rahmat-Samii
    Impedance Boundary Conditions in Electromagnetics, 1995
  • Lee
    EMP Interaction: Principles, Techniques , and Reference Data, 1986
  • Mittra
    Computer Techniques for Electromagnetics, 1987
  • Smythe
    Static and Dynamic Electricity, 1989
  • Taylor and Giri
    High-Power Microwave Systems and Effects, 1994
  • Van Bladel
    Electromagnetic Fields, 1985

Harvard University Press

  • Giri
    High-Power Electromagnetic Radiators, 2004

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