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 EMP Fellows

  List of EMP and HPEM Fellows

Every two years (in even years) the Summa Foundation recognizes the contributions of scientists and engineers by awarding them the title of HPEM Fellow.  These awards are based on many years of research and practical accomplishments dealing with high power transient phenomena.  The first Fellows were recognized on May 21, 1986. 

A special Fellows’ Committee appointed by the Board of Directors of the Summa Foundation performs the evaluation of qualifications.  The Committee is currently chaired by Dr. William A. Radasky, and all members of the committee have been previously recognized as HPEM Fellows.

Six awardees were selected in 2018 and were presented their certificates on August 18, 2018 at the Awards Ceremony held during the AMEREM 2018 Symposium in Santa Barbara, California USA.  Their names and citations are listed below.

HPEM Fellow Citations for 2018

Jinliang He                 
For contributions to the understanding and protection of lightning discharges and electromagnetic effects

Tomas Hurtig            
For development of compact HPM generators and contributions to HPM susceptibility testing

Jane M. Lehr              
For contributions to the development of fast closing pulsed power switches

Nicolas Mora Parra   
For contributions to IEMI sources and coupling to communication lines

Alan D. R. Phelps      
For research and development of high power microwave sources

Oleg A. Tarasov        
For contributions to analytical and numerical modeling of NEMP and HPEM coupling and effects, and for theoretical research on the influence of electromagnetic waveforms on antenna-feeder devices and communication and power supply lines

   List of EMP and HPEM Fellows

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