Mathematics Notes (ACT-1)
These are the Mathematics Notes (ACT-1), Notes 1-101, assembled by Dr. Carl E. Baum.

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MaN 1, R. C. Lindburg, BESSEL, A Subroutine for the Generation of Bessel Functions with Real or Complex Arguments, 15 Oct 66, Dikewood Corp.

MaN 2, F. J. Sulkowaki, FORPLEX, A Program to Calculate Inverse Fourier Transforms, 10 Nov 66, Dikewood Corp.

MaN 3, L. M. Berg, SBF, A Subroutine for the Generation of Associated Legendre Functions of the First Kind for Real Arguments Along the Cut, 7 Aug 69, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 4, J. P. Martinez, SBF, A Subroutine for the Generation of Spherical Bessel Functions with Real Arguments and Positive Integer Orders, 7 Oct 69, Dikewood Corp.

MaN 5, J. N. Brittingham and P. L. Petronelli, SPHBSL, A Subroutine to Generate Spherical Bessel Functions for Complex Arguments and Integer Orders, Oct 69, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory

MaN 6, J. N. Brittingham and P. L. Petronelli, SPHBSLR, A Subroutine to Generate Spherical Bessel Functions for Real Arguments, Oct 69, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory

MaN 7, R. T. Clark, Accuracy Check on Subroutine BESSEL for Bessel Functions of the First and Fourth Kind for Various Orders and Arguments, Oct 69, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 8, W. M. Windholz, Numerical Inversion of the Fourier Transform, 14 Oct 69, Kaman Nuclear

MaN 9, H. G. Heubach, Pulse Data Processing, Nov 69, Stanford Research Institute, SRI 7995

MaN 10, R. W. Sassman, MLR, A Subroutine to Solve M Simulators Linear Equations in N Unknowns, Jan 70, Northrop Corporate Laboratories

MaN 11, R. W. Sassman, CMLR, A Subroutine to Solve M Linear Complex Equations in N Unknowns, Feb 70, Northrop Corporate Laboratories

MaN 12, J. E. Boers, Digital Computer Solution of Laplace's Equation Including Dielectric Surfaces, Dec 69, Sandia Corp., SC-RR-69-446

MaN 13, Not Available

MaN 14, T. L. Brown, TEF, A Subroutine for the Calculation of the Incomplete Elliptic Integrals of the First and Second Kind, Aug 70, Dikewood Corp.

MaN 15, R. E. Jones, AVINT: Approximate Integrator of Functions Tabulated at Arbitrarily Spaced Abscissas, Jul 69, Sandia Corp., SC-M-69-335

MaN 16, R. D. Halbgewachs, BES: A Routine for the Evaluation of Cylindrical Bessel Functions, Oct 69, Sandia Corp., SC-M-69-336

MaN 17, R. D. Halbgewchs, Developments in Techniques for Computation of Bessel Functions by Digital Computers, Feb 70, Sandia Corp., SC-M-70-3

MaN 18, W. R. Gavin, SEVER: A Routine for Computing Symmetric Matrix Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors with Error Bounds, Mar 70, Sandia Corp., SC-M-70-26

MaN 19, J. E. Vogel, ERF and ERFC: Mathematical Routines for Computing the Error Function and Complementary Error Function, May 70, Sandia Corp., SC-M-70-275

MaN 20, R. E. Jones, RUNKUT: Runge-Kutta Integrator of Systems of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations, Nov 70, Sandia Corp., SC-M-70-724

MaN 21, J. E. Boers, FFEARS -- A Digital Computer Program for the Simulation of Laplace's Equations Including Dielectric Interfaces and Small Underground Electrodes, Jul 71, Sandia Corp., SC-RR-71-0377

MaN 22, Not Available

MaN 23, Not Available

MaN 24, J. P. Martinez, CDCSM and SOL, Subroutine Which Return the Solution of Simulation Linear Equations When the System is Complex and the Matrix Formed by the System is Symmetric, Apr 72, Dikewood Corp.

MaN 25, C. E. Baum, H. Chang, and J. P. Martinez, Analytical Approximations and Numerical Techniques for the Integral of the Anger-Weber Function, Aug 72, Dikewood Corp. and Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 26, T. L. Brown, BRUT, A System of Subroutines for the Generation of Contour, Jul 72, Dikewood Corp.

MaN 27, T. T. Crow, B. D. Graves, and C. D. Taylor, Numerical Techniques Useful in the Singularity Expansion Method as Applied to Electromagnetic Interaction Problems, Dec 72, Mississippi State University

MaN 28, C. T. Tai, Eigen-Function Expansion of Dyadic Green's Functions, Jul 73, University of Michigan

MaN 29, F. M. Tesche, Evaluation of the Surface Integral Occurring in the E-Field Integral Equations for Wire Antennas, 4 Sep 73, Science Applications, Inc.

MaN 30, L. Giorgi, Comparisons of Three Inverse Fourier Transform Routines Used in Minuteman In-Place EMP Assessment, 1 Sep 73, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 31, R. J. Lytle and D. L. Lager, Solution of the Scalar Helmholtz Equation in the Elliptic Cylinder Coordinate System, 15 Oct 73, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

MaN 32, R. J. Lytle and F. J. Deadrick, Prolate and Oblate Spheroidal Wave Functions of Complex Argument, 24 Oct 73, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

MaN 33, C. E. Baum, Electromagnetic Reciprocity and Energy Theorems for Free Space Including Sources Generalized to Numerous Theorems, to Combined Fields, and to Complex Frequency Domain, 3 Dec 73, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 34, D. Higins, A Method for Fitting EMP Waveforms that Facilitates Calculation of the Time Derivative and Fourier Transform, 29 Nov 73, Mission Research Corp., MRC-R-44, DNA 3231T, AD 774163

MaN 35, C. E. Baum, On the Use of Contour Integration for Finding Poles, Zeros, Saddles, and Other Functions Values in the Singularity Expansion Method, 18 Feb 74, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 36, R. L. Gardner and C. E. Baum, Expansion of a Scalar, Vector, or Dyadic Function in Terms of the Spherical Vector Wave Functions, May 74, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 37, C. O. Beasley Jr. and H. K. Meier, Subroutine CAUCHY: Complex Roots of a Function Using a CAUCHY Integral Technique, Aug 74, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TM4588

MaN 38, B. K. Singaraju and C. E. Baum, The Combined Field: Boundary Conditions, Integral Representation, Dyadic Green's Functions and Some Theorems and Concepts, 27 Sep 74, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 39, D. R. Wilton and J. R. Pogorzelski, Singularity Trajectories Under Parameter Variation, Jan 75, University of Mississippi

MaN 40, D. V. Giri, B. K Singaraju, and C. E. Baum, Accurate Evaluation of the Impedance Matrix Elements in the Hallen Integral Equation for Wire Antennas, Dec 75, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, AD A061990

MaN 41, D. V. Giri, On Delta Functions, Part I: A Review of Various Representations and Properties of Dirac Delta Functions, 12 Jan 76, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 42, B. K. Singaraju, D. V. Giri, and C. E. Baum, Further Developments in the Application of Contour Integration to the Zeros of Analytical Functions and Relevant Computer Programs, Mar 76, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 43, Z. A. Typaldos (deceased) and R. J. Pogorzelski, Quaternion Calculus and the Solution of Maxwell's Equations, Dec 75, University of California

MaN 44, A. J. Poggio and R. W. Adams, Approximations for Terms Related to the Kernel in Thin-Wire Integral Equations, Jan 77, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, UCRL 51722, UCRL 51727, AD A036729, AFWL-TR-76-98

MaN 45, D. L. Lager, H. G. Hudson, and A. J. Poggio, User's Manual for SEMPEX: A Computer Code for Extracting Complex Exponentials from a Time Waveform, Mar 77, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, AD B017319, AFWL-TR-76-200

MaN 46, T. Cordaro, A Note on Representing a Transient Waveform by a Finite Sum of Complex Exponentials, Jul 77, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, AD B023506, AFWL-TR-77-46

MaN 47, R. J. Lytle and D. L. Lager, Numerical Evaluation of Sommerfield Integrals, 23 Oct 74, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, UCRL-51688

MaN 48, D. L. Lager and R. L. Lytle, Fortran Subroutines for the Numerical Evaluation of Sommerfield Integrals Unter Anderem, 21 May 75, Lawrence Livermore Lab, UCRL-51821

MaN 49, T. K. Sarkar, J. Nebat, and D. D. Weiner, Suboptimal System Approximation/Identification with Known Error, 3 Sep 77, Rochester Institute of Technology and Syracuse University, AD A956007, AFWL-TR-77-200

MaN 50, H. A. Haddad and D. C. Chang, Dyadic Green's Functions for a Two-Layered Earth, Feb 77, University of Colorado, AD A061864, AFWL-TR-77-69

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MaN 51, D. G. Dudley, Fitting Noisy Data with a Complex Exponential Series, 7 Mar 77, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

MaN 52, R. J. Covello, Errors in the Fourier Transformation of a Double Exponential Due to Time Truncation, 1 May 77, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 53, S. W. Lee, Differential Geometry for GTD Applications, Oct 77, University of Illinois

MaN 54, T. K. Sarkar, F. K. Jain, J. Nebat, and D. D. Weiner, A Comparison of the Pencil-of-Function Method with Prony's Method, Wiener Filters and Other Identification Techniques, Dec 77, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, and Syracuse University, AD A119250

MaN 55, D. V. Giri and C. E. Baum, Application of Cauchy's Residue Theorem in Evaluating the Poles and Zeros of Complex Meromorphic Functions and Opposite Computer Programs, 25 May 78, Science Applications, Inc. and Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 56, J. T. Cordaro, Pole Measurements for the ATHAMAS Pipe Test, Aug 77, University of New Mexico

MaN 57, R. F. Blackburn, K. R. Umashanker, and D. R. Wilton, Evaluation of the Integral of the Anger-Weber Function with a Complex Argument, Jan 78, Ogdan Air Logistics Center, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, and University of Mississippi

MaN 58, S. Siegel, Convergence of the Patch Zoning Method for Solving the MFIE, Sep 78, R & D Associates

MaN 59, H. J. Price, An Improved Prony Algorithm for Exponential Analysis, Nov 78, Mission Research Corp.

MaN 60, H. J. Fletcher, Evaluation of the Oblate Spheroid Wave Functions, 9 Dec 78, Eyring Research Institute

MaN 61, J. T. Cordaro, Comparison of Three Techniques for Calculating Poles and Residues from Experimental Data, Aug 78, University of New Mexico

MaN 62, R. Mittra and L. W. Pearson, The Generalized Rayleigh Quotient Approximation as a Search for SEM Pole Determination, Dec 76, University of Illinois and University of Kentucky

MaN 63, C. E. Baum, Norms and Eigenvector Norms, 27 Nov 79, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 64, A. G. Ramm, Non-selfadjoint Operators in Diffraction and Scattering, Sep 79, University of Michigan

MaN 65, C.-T. Tai, Singular Terms in the Eigen-Function of the Electric Type, Apr 80, University of Michigan

MaN 66, T. L. Henderson, Matrix Methods for Determining System Poles from Transient Response, May 80, University of Kentucky, AD A087204, RR 80-1

MaN 67, G. J. Scrivner, Prony Analysis in the Presence of Noise, 7 Oct 77, Computer Science Corp.

MaN 68, A. G. Ramm, Mathematical Foundations of the Singularity and Eigenmode Expansion Method (SEM), Dec 80, University of Michigan

MaN 69, J. R. Auton and L. W. Pearson, Some Numerical Methods for Exponential Analysis with Connection to a General Identification Scheme for Linear Processes, Nov 80, University of Kentucky, AD A094228, RR-80-5

MaN 70, D. V. Giri, T. L. Brown, and J. P. Martinez, Numerical Evaluation of Jacobian Elliptic Functions, Elliptic Integrals of all Three Kinds and Jacobi Zeta Function, 1 Apr 81, Lutech, Inc. and Dikewood Corp.

MaN 71, D. W. Kammler, Preprocessing Techniques in Transient Analysis, Apr 82, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, RADC-TR-82-72, AD A116860

MaN 72, F. I. Tseng and T. K. Sarkar, Enhancement of Poles in Spectral Analysis, Nov 81, Rochester Institute of Technology, AD A107739, TR-81-5

MaN 73, T. K. Sarkar, J. Nebat, D. D. Weiner, and J. K. Jain, Effect of Record Length on the Correlation of Complex Exponentials, Nov 81, Rochester Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, and University of Florida, AD A107738, TR-81-4

MaN 74, F. I. Tseng and T. K. Sarkar, Detection of Branch Points by Modified FFT, Nov 81, Rochester Institute of Technology

MaN 75, F. I. Tseng, T. K. Sarkar, and W. F. Walker, Tolerance of Spectral Estimation, Nov 81, Rochester Institute of Technology

MaN 76, C. T. Tai, Different Representations of Dyadic Green's Functions for a Rectangular Cavity, Dec 75, Harry Diamond Laboratories, HDL-TR-1724, AD A020865

MaN 77, T. K. Sarkar, S. A. Dianat, and D. D. Weiner, A Discussion of Various Approaches to the Linear System Identification Problem, May 82, Rochester Institute of Technology and Syracuse University

MaN 78, V. K. Jain, T. K. Sarkar, and D. D. Weiner, Rational Modeling by Pencil-of-Functions Method, May 82, University of South Florida, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Syracuse University, AD A107741, TR-81-7

MaN 79, J. R. Auton and M. L. Van Blaricum, Investigation of Procedures for Automatic Resonance Extraction from Noisy Transient Electromagnetics Data, (three volumes)

Vol I., Investigation of Resonance Extraction Procedures,

Vol II., Appendices, Vol III., Translation of Prony's Original Paper and Bibliography, 17 Aug 81, General Research Corp., ETI-CR81-984, V. I AD A104530, V. II AD A104531, V. III AD A104532

MaN 80, D. A. Ksienski, Pole and Residue Extraction from Measured Data in the Frequency Domain Using Multipole Data Sets, Oct 84, University of Michigan

MaN 81, D. A Ksienski and T. M. Willis, Numerical Methods of Noise Reduction for Frequency Domain SEM, Oct 84, University of Michigan

MaN 82, H. T. Davis, Use of Complex Demodulation in Analyzing Transient Responses, 31 Mar 84, Dikewood, Division of Kaman Sciences Corp.

MaN 83, A. G. Ramm, Resonance (Natural-Frequency) Calculation and Extraction from Transient Fields, 1 May 84, Kansas State University

MaN 84, D. G. Dudley and R. R. Weyker, Complex Resonance Identification from Data at Multiple Spatial Locations, 25 Jan 85, University of Arizona

MaN 85, S.-W. Park and J. T. Cordaro, Preprocessing Techniques for the Estimation of SEM Parameters from Multiple Measurements, Aug 85, University of New Mexico

MaN 86, C. E. Baum, Norms of Time-Domain Functions and Convolution Operators, 9 Dec 85, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 87, A. P. Stone, A Note on an Initial Value Problem Associated with a Distributed Switch for Launching Spherical Waves, 14 Oct 87, University of New Mexico

MaN 88, D. N. Kim, S. Park, and P. R. Barnes, Signal Parameter Estimation from Spectral Magnitude Data, Jan 88, Auburn University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

MaN 89, C. E. Baum, Energy Norms and 2-Norms, Apr 88, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MaN 90, C. S. Kenney and P. L. Overfelt, A Simple Method of Generating a Basis of Solutions for Linear Partial Differential Equations, 1 Aug 92, University of California Santa Barbara, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

MaN 91, P. L. Overfelt, Matrix Solution of the Helmholtz Equation Via Extended Separation of Variables, February 1998

MaN 92, S. Steinburg and C. E. Baum, Lie-Algebraic Representations of Product Integrals of Product Integals of Variable Matrices, University of New Mexico and Air Force Research Laboratory, Summer 1998

MaN 93, C.E. Baum, Relationships Between Time- and Frequency-Domain Norms of Scalar Functions, Air Force Research Laboratory, March 2001

MaN 94, C.E. Baum, Product-Integral Interpolation, May 2002

MaN 95, C.E. Baum, Correction of Time-Domain Data in Special Cases Where the Inverse Transfer Functions are Analytic Time-Domain Operators, Dec. 2003

MaN 96, C.E. Baum, Construction of 2x2 Products Integrals from Solutions of Second Order Linear Ordinary Differential Equations, Jan. 2004

MaN 97, C.E. Baum, Matrix Operators and Functions Thereof, May 2007

MaN 98, C.E. Baum, Representation and Product Integration of 2 x 2 Matrices, September 2007

MaN 99, F. M. Tesche, A Correction Procedure for Corrupted Measured Spectra, July 2008

MaN 100, Pierre. F. Bertholet and F. M. Tesche, The Fast Laplace Transform, September 6, 2009

MaN 101, D.V Giri, Solved Problems in Fourier Transforms - Part 1, November 11, 2023

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