Measurement Notes (EMP-4)
These are the Measurement Notes, EMP-4, Notes 1-66, assembled by Dr. Carl E. Baum.

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MN 1, C. E. Baum, Radial Position Accuracy for EMP Measurements on a Surface Nuclear Test, 15 Feb 66, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 2, W. S. Kehrer, G. Fjetland, H. Wagnon, and R. Quinton, Description of Weapons Effects Buoy System (WEBS), Apr 66, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 3, C. E. Baum, Low Frequency Electric Field Distortion in the Vicinity of the WEBS Catamaran, 30 May 66, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 4, G. L. Fjetland, Color Coding Data Cables, 21 Sep 66, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 5, G. L. Fjetland, Specifying and Testing Cables for EMP Measurements, 1 May 67, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 6, R. E. Partridge, Advanced Transient Waveform Recording Techniques, Jun 68, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories, LA-3919

MN 7, L. K. Neher, Electromagnetic Impulse Transmission and Reception Using a Wide Band Antenna, Jul 58, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories, LA-2244

MN 8, R. D. Jones, On the Resolution of Two Nearly Coincident Pulses Propagated through a Dispersive Channel, Jun 71, Sandia Corp., SC-TM-71-0207

MN 9, R. D. Jones, On an Optimum Receiver Bandwidth Criterion for Resolving Pulsed Signals Propagated through a Dispersive Channel, Jun 71, Sandia Corp., SC-TM-71 0231

MN 10, C. L. Longmire, A Proposal to Measure EMP in Insulators, 27 Jul 71, Mission Research Corp., MRC-N-4

MN 11, Not Available

MN 12, Not Available

MN 13, Not Available

MN 14, J. F. Toth and R. DeVore, Coaxial Dielectric Waveguides, Jun 72, Ohio State University and Electro Science Laboratory

MN 15, J. E. Faulkner, The Effect of Bandwidth on Zero Crossing, 1 May 73, NDRC, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico

MN 16, C. B. Huelsman III, A Volumetric Method for Reducing EMP Data Photographs, 27 Nov 72, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 17, C. E. Baum, Some Design Considerations for Signal Transmission Lines for Use with Sensors in a Nuclear Radiation Environment, 29 Oct 73, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 18, R. DeVore, Coaxial Dielectric Waveguides II, Aug 73, Ohio State University

MN 19, C. Ashley and W. R. Graham, Estimation of Errors in Calculating Transfer Functions from Pulse Date, 5 Sep 73, Air Force Weapons Laboratory and R & D Associates

MN 20, R. J. Prochazka, The Use of Fiber Optics for Oscilloscope External Triggering, Apr 72, Harry Diamond Laboratories, HDL-TM-72-5, AD 742677

MN 21, J. F. Wagner, Instrumentation Guidelines for EMP Testing, 5 Aug 74, Rockwell International, AD B010098

MN 22, D. C. DePackh and P. B. Ulrich, Analog-to-Digital System for Film Records, 11 Mar 69, Naval Research Laboratory

MN 23, C. B. Huelsman III, Understanding Quadrature Formulas for Planar Regions, Apr 73, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, AFWL-TR-72-248, AD 759825

MN 24, L. D. Scott, Deterministic Error Analysis Applied to EMP Simulator Data Acquisition, Jun 77, Mission Research Corp.

MN 25, L. Simpson, J. F. Prewitt, and L. D. Scott, Deterministic Error Analysis Applied to Aircraft Test Data, Mar 78, Mission Research Corp.

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MN 26, F. Hai, Summary of Cable Response Experiments, 15 Jul 77, Aerospace Corp., AD B020386, SAMSO-TR-77-151

MN 27, C. B. Moore, I. J. Caylor, D. L. Hall, and T. F. Stueber, Characteristics of the French Ruggieri Anti-Hail Rockets Used to Trigger Lightning, 25 Nov 82, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology and Sandia Corp.

MN 28, G. K. Schlegel, Aircraft Response Effect On E-Field Measurements, 9 Mar 77, R & D Associates, RDA-TR-140801-008, and Defense Nuclear Agency, DNA 4279T, AD A047986

MN 29, C. B. Moore, D. L. Hall, I. J. Caylor, T. F. Stueber, B. Cason, and D. Patrick, Characteristics of American Rockets Used for Triggering Lightning, Part 1., Rockets Form Flight Systems Inc., Burns Flat, Oklahoma, 27 Feb 84, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and Sandia National Laboratories

MN 30, C. B. Moore, W. P. Winn, D. L. Hall, and J. W. Cobb, An Investigation into the use of Detonating Fuses to Create Conducting Paths in the Atmosphere, Mar 84, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

MN 31, C. E. Baum, Winding Topology for Transformers, 2 Oct 86, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 32, C. E. Baum, Monitor for Integrity of Seams in a Shield Enclosure, 4 Apr 87, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 33, D. V. Giri, Effective Rise Time Resulting from a Convolution of Waveforms with Exponential and Gaussian Rise Characteristics, 14 May 87, Pro-Tech

MN 34, G. D. Sower and L. M. Atchley, Twin Coaxial Balun (TCB) Development, 3 Jun 87, EG&G

MN 35, C. E. Baum, Winding Bundles for Transformers, 10 Nov 87, Air Force Weapons Laboratory

MN 36, C. E. Baum, Monitor for Integrity of Doors in a Shield Enclosure, 25 Nov 87, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, AD A200083

MN 37, C. E. Baum, A Spiral-Transmission-Line Technique for Detecting Slot Apertures in Shield Enclosures, 31 Dec 87, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, AD A200082

MN 38, C. D. Taylor, F. Marcum, W. D. Prather, C. C. Herrman, On using a Sense Wire to Quantitate the Magnetic Flux Leakage Through an Aperture in an Electromagnetic Shield, Nov

MN 39, C. E. Baum, An Anisotropic Medium for High Wave Impedance, May 91, Phillips Laboratory

MN 40, C. E. Baum, Norm Detectors for Multiple Signals, Oct 91, Phillips Laboratory

MN 41, G. D. Sower, D. P. McLemore, W. D. Prather, Ellipticus Ferrite/Resistive Loading, Feb
93, EG&G Special Projects, KSC, Dikewood Division, Phillips Laboratory

MN 42, C. E. Baum, Multi-Conductor Transmisson-Line Model of Balun and Inverter, Mar 93, Phillips Laboratory

MN 43, W. L. Curtis, J. P. Irwin, J. R. Thomas, Loading Effect of Microfuse Sensors on Multipin Interfaces, Sep 92, The Boeing Company

MN 44, G. D. Sower, D. P. McLemore, W. D. Prather, Quad Coaxial Balun (QCB), Aug 93, EG&G Special Projects, Kaman Sciences Corporation, Phillips Laboratory

MN 45, G. D. Sower, Baluns for Driving High Power Levels from 50 Ohm Amplifiers/Cables into High Impedance Antennas/Loads, Oct 93, EG&G Special Projects

MN 46, Everett G. Farr, and Carl E. Baum, Considerations for Loading a Balun Using Ferrites or a Ferrite/Dielectic Sandwich, Nov 94, Phillips Laboratory

MN 47, Carl E. Baum, and J. Scott Tyo, Transient Skin Effect in Cables, July 96, Phillips Laboratory

MN 48, Clifton Courtney, William Motil, Tracey Bowen and Sydney Blocher, Measurement Methods and the Characterization of the Electromagnetic Properties of Materials, December 1996

MN 49, Everett G. Farr and Charles A. Frost, Time Domain Measurement of the Dielectric Properties of Water in a Coaxial Test Fixture, December 1996

MN 50, Gary D. Sower, Lanney M. Atchley, Donald E. Ellibee and Everett G. Farr, Low-Voltage Prototype Development of an Ultra-Wideband High-Voltage Unzipper Balun, December 1996

MN 51, J. Scott Tyo and Carl E. Baum, Reduced Skin Loss Dissipation at the Edges of a Conducting Plate Using High-Voltage Rollups, April 21 1997

MN 52, Everett G. Farr and Charles Frost, Impulse Propagation Measurements of the Dielectric Properties of Water, Dry Sand, Moist Sand and Concrete, November 1997

MN 53, Everett Farr, Gary Sower, Lanney Atchley, Donald Ellibee, Design and Fabrication of an Ultra-Wideband High-Power Zipper Balun and Antenna, January 1998

MN 54, Gary D. Sower, Lanney M. Atchley, Donald E. Ellibee, W. Scott Bigelow, Everett G. Farr, Design for Half Impulse Radiating Antennas: Lens Material Selection and Scale-Model Testing, February 1998

MN 55, W. Scott Bigelow, and Everett G. Farr, Impulse Propagation Measurements of the Dielectric Properties of Several Polymer Resins, November 1999

MN 56, Paull E. Patterson, The Complete Fast Fourier Transform and Cascaded Transition-Band Filters to Reduce the Noise of Deconvolution, January 2001

MN 57, Charles A. Frost, Measurement and Evaluation of Artificial Dielectric Material, April 2002

MN 58, Everett G. Farr, Lanney M. Atcheley, Donald E. Ellibee, William J. Carey, and Larry L. Altgilbers, A Comparison of Two Sensors Ued to Measure High-Voltage, Fast-Risetime Signals in Coaxial Cables, March 2004

MN 59, Lanney M. Atchley and Everett G. Farr, The Response of Commercial Limiters to Transient Signals, April 2005

MN 60, Subnanosecond Sample Holder, Carl E. Baum, February 2007

MN 61, Windscreen Shield Monitoring Using a Spiral Transmission Line, Everett G. Farr. W. Scott Bigelow, Leland H. Bowen, Carl E. Baum and William D. Prather, November 2008

MN 62, Carl E. Baum, Traveling-Wave THz Sampling Waveform Measurement, 15 March 2009

MN 63 Automated and Adaptive RF Effects Testing, Everett G. Farr, Leland H. Bowen, W. Scott Bigelow, Robert L. Gardner, and Peter Finlay, March 2011

MN 64 CW Test Manual, F. M. Tesche, May 2013, NEMP Laboratory, Spiez, Switzerland

MN 65, Bertrand Daout, Marc Sallin, Measurement of Complex Permittivity of Large Concrete Samples with an Open-Ended Coaxial Line, January 2014

MN 66, Andrey D. Andreev, Christopher Rodriguez, Michael Felix, and Edl Schamiloglu, Experimental Measurements of High-Power Microwave (HPM) output from Relativistic A6 Magnetron at the University of New Mexico (UNM) for Directed Energy (DE) and non-DE applications, February 2023

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